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    Do You Have Dry Eye Problems? If So, Ask About Serum Tears

    By Alan Wedal
    Owner, ARCpoint Labs of Milwaukee North

    If you’ve ever experienced dry eyes you know how unpleasant they can be. If you’re lucky, this is only an occasional nuisance – perhaps after staring at a computer screen too long or traveling on an airplane. In those cases, over-the-counter saline eye drops usually help.

    But if you find that’s not enough, or if the problem persists, you’ll need to consult your eye doctor to learn why your tears aren’t providing enough lubrication. Your doctor can explain the different ways to ease your discomfort. One option you might hear about is a treatment many of our customers here at ARCpoint Labs of Milwaukee North find helpful, though it may sound little startling at first: eye drops derived from your own blood.

    Called autologous serum eye drops (ASED) or autologous blood serum drops (ABSD), this treatment has been around for decades and is more commonly referred to as “serum tears.” It is an all-natural way to use your body’s unique healing abilities to ease the discomfort of dry eyes. And it has become more available thanks to the development of sterile and safe processing techniques like the process we use at ARCpoint.

    How We Make Serum Tears

    When you bring your doctor’s prescription for serum tears to ARCpoint Labs, we start by drawing a small amount of your blood. We then separate the heavy red blood cells from the blood, which leaves behind a watery portion called serum.

    We combine the serum with saline, run it through filters, and dispense the solution into vials for you. It’s all done with tools and protocols that ensure sterile, safe and pure eye drops.

    What Are the Benefits of Serum Tears?

    • They’re natural. Prescription treatments, while necessary sometimes, are chemically derived and can occasionally cause irritation. Serum tears are additive-free and usually don’t cause irritation. They are not introducing anything foreign or new to your body. Your serum tears will have your own unique and complex mix of proteins and enzymes, mimicking the same tears your own lacrimal glands produce.
    • They lubricate and relieve your eyes. Serum tears won’t treat the underlying cause of your dry eyes, but they can alleviate dry-eye symptoms by lubricating them with the same vital, healing components of your natural tears. Once applied, they won’t evaporate as quickly as over-the-counter saline drops. Studies have shown that serum tears can help heal the eye’s surface in the case of injury, reduce inflammation and provide other benefits. Some of my customers have seen their condition improve over time as they use serum tears. Others use them continually for relief.
    • It’s a fast and simple process. You can have a four- to five-month supply of serum tears the very same day your blood is drawn. They are typically ready two hours after your initial visit.

    Why Use ARCpoint for Your Serum Tears?

    Places called compounding pharmacies have helped make it possible to bring serum tears to more people. Unlike a commercial pharmacy, compounding pharmacies can customize medications for an individual patient. Your blood is drawn and sent to a compounding pharmacy, which then processes the serum tears.

    With the development of new processes like the one ARCpoint uses, serum tears can be produced even more efficiently. Our process reduces the number of steps required and requires less expensive equipment, among other benefits. What does this mean for you?

    • Quicker turnaround time. You can get your serum tears the same day we draw your blood.
    • Lower price. Prices vary, but our serum tears are routinely less expensive than those produced at a compounding pharmacy or chemically made prescriptions.
    • Same (or better) quality. You can have confidence in serum tears you get from any authorized, professional source your doctor recommends, but the process ARCpoint uses goes a step further by never exposing the serum tears to air. We filter your serum tears twice for extra purity.

    What Else To Know

    If you’re considering serum tears, here are a few more things to know.

    • A prescription is required. You’ll need your eye doctor to write a prescription for serum tears. This will ensure you understand the cause of your dry eyes so that your treatment plan is the right one.
    • Freezing/refrigeration is required. Your unused four- to five-month supply of serum tears must be kept in a freezer to prevent degradation, and each vial you use must be kept refrigerated. Traveling somewhere? An insulated freezer bag should do the trick.
    • No insurance is needed. Serum tears aren’t typically covered by insurance providers — another reason why our competitive prices are a plus. We accept cash, cash, credit, FSA or HSA payments.

    Interested? ARCpoint Can Help

    If you want relief for dry eyes, ask your doctor about a prescription for serum tears and call us at (262) 923-8386 or contact us on our website. We’re in an easy-to-find location at 4125 N. 124th St. Ste G Brookfield. We look forward to seeing you!