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    Using ARCpoint for Your Lab Tests Could Save You Money

    By Alan Wedal
    Owner, ARCpoint Labs of Milwaukee North

    Have you ever been surprised by what you’re paying for the lab tests your doctor orders? Do you ever hesitate to get lab tests because of restrictive insurance plans or high deductibles? If so, ARCpoint Labs of Milwaukee North could be a great option for you.

    Lots of people are surprised to learn that they don’t necessarily have to use their physicians’ labs for tests that are ordered. You have the option of asking to have your lab work done elsewhere.

    Why Use an Independent Lab Like ARCpoint?

    Choosing your own lab can help if:

    • You have a high deductible.
    • Your insurer declines to pay all or some of the lab costs.
    • You don’t want to delay your test as you wait for approval from your health care plan.
    • You want a test that your doctor hasn’t ordered.

    ARCpoint Labs is a self-pay service that does not work with health insurance plans. This means our prices are simplified, up-front, transparent and almost always lower. We will give you a price and you’ll pay out of pocket (cash, debit or credit). We also take payments through Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

    How Does It Work?

    We can coordinate with your physician on the kind of test you need, or you can make the request. We do not require a doctor’s order to conduct lab tests for you.

    If you’re unsure that the price will be better than what you’d normally pay, just ask. We’ll let you know what your test will cost so you can compare pricing and decide for yourself.

    The process is quick and easy. Our lab techs will collect samples at our facility in Brookfield and you will typically receive your results within one business day.

    ARCpoint Labs does not diagnose or suggest treatments based on test results. We will give you a report that you can take to your physician, or we can deliver it to your physician’s office.

    Examples to Think About

    If you’re like a lot of customers I talk to, you might not realize the many times a lab test can be helpful. Some examples:

    • Annual physical
    • Monitoring a chronic health condition
    • Monitoring your health during a recuperation
    • Fertility test
    • Cholesterol test
    • Gluten testing
    • Pregnancy test
    • Early baby gender test
    • Tests for heart health

    And there are many more. ARCpoint Labs offers more than 3,000 tests.

    Interested? ARCpoint Can Help

    If you’d like to use ARCpoint Labs of Milwaukee North for your lab work, call us at (262) 923-8386 or contact us on our website. We’re in an easy-to-find location at 4125 N. 124th St. Ste G Brookfield. We look forward to seeing you